The Importance of Getting a Regular Oil Change in Fairhaven

One of the most basic, yet most important, services that you can perform on your vehicle is an oil change. Getting regular oil changes can help to keep your vehicle running as it should, extending its life and performance, and helping to avoid expensive repairs in the future. The average car requires Fairhaven oil change services every 3,000 miles. Depending on the type of oil that you choose in your Signature Quick Oil Change, you may get more miles between services. Your best bet is to view oil changes as preventive maintenance services and get them like clockwork to keep your vehicle in great shape.

The manufacturer of your vehicle most likely has something to say about the amount of miles that should occur between a quality oil change in Fairhaven. Consult the book that came with your vehicle or work with our team of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable technicians to determine the best products and intervals for your Signature Quick Oil Change at All Pro Quick Oil. Other factors, such as where you live and the type of driving that you do, may also influence the mileage that you can get out of each oil change. Make sure to discuss these factors with your oil change technician.

Top Benefits of Regular Oil Changes
There are a lot of reasons why oil changes need to be part of your ongoing preventive maintenance services. Oil works to keep your engine clean, cool and properly lubricated, helping everything to run effectively, efficiently and to reduce friction. Any debris that gets formed gets filtered away into the oil, working to prevent knocking and ticking. However, oil has a limited lifetime. Because it does so much, it only lasts so long. Over time it begins to degrade and lose all of its beneficial properties, so it is important to switch it out with fresh oil to keep everything running as it should.

Other advantages associated with regular Fairhaven oil change services include:

  • Wear & Tear – Committing to a regular quality oil change in Fairhaven every 3,000 miles or more, depending on the type of oil and manufacturer’s recommendations, can help to reduce the amount of wear and tear on your engine. Not only does this increase the overall life of your vehicle, but it also means fewer repairs over time.
  • Gas Mileage – Studies show that oil changes can help to boost gas mileage and reduce fuel consumption by allowing the engine to run more efficiently. You will get an excellent return on your investment for every Signature Quick Oil Change that you get done at All Pro Quick Oil in fuel savings.
  • Emissions – If reducing your carbon footprint is important to you, preventive maintenance services that include a quality oil change in Fairhaven every 3,000 miles will help to reduce exhaust emissions. Old cars and new cars alike will run better and produce fewer emissions if they have fresh, clean oil.
  • Warranty – Did you know that you are responsible for following the recommended maintenance schedule that came with your brand new car? If you do not follow the recommendations, you just might void the warranty. That means that if something else ultimately goes wrong later, your vehicle might not be covered under the warranty. Make sure you know the terms of the warranty and that you follow the instructions to the letter.

Advantages of All Pro Quick Oil for Oil Changes
If you are searching for trusted, reliable Fairhaven oil change services, make sure to check out All Pro Quick Oil. Our Signature Quick Oil Change offers a wide array of advantages that you won’t find at other oil change service stations. We help you with preventive maintenance services by providing a whole range of visual inspections designed to spot small issues before they become big problems.

Every one of our All Pro Quick Oil technicians are trained to help diagnose potential problems and advise our clients of any upcoming manufacturer recommended maintenance. We don’t just provide you with a quality oil change in Fairhaven, we also provide you with peace of mind in knowing that you are staying on top of preventive maintenance services for your vehicle. Speak with one of our technicians to learn more about the services included with our Signature Quick Oil Change, as well as additional maintenance and repair service options.

Give us a call at 508-992-3033 to schedule services in advance, or just drop by our location on Alden Road in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Our team can help you choose the best possible preventive maintenance services, quality oil change options and other professional services for your car or truck. Visit our website for printable coupons and other savings opportunities.