Fairhaven Car Wash Services: How to Protect Your Investment

Sometimes it seems like there are just not enough hours in a day or days in a week to get all of your errands done. However, there are some chores that need to be completed in order to maintain essential things, such as your home and automobile. Whether you prefer to use our touchless car wash in Fairhaven or if you like to do-it-yourself with our self serve high pressure wash, the services and options available at All Pro Quick Oil can help you keep your car or truck in tip-top shape.

Washing away the dirt, dust, pollutants and grime of the work week is a great way to kick off the weekend. Or, if you have a sport vehicle, a great way to wash away all of the sand, dirt and mud that you picked up on your days off. Either way, it is important to take advantage of our exterior and interior car cleaning package options to protect your paint job, carpeting and seats, to help your vehicle look its very best. Taking your car to a professional car wash service can provide you with a much better clean than anything you could do at home.

Automatic Touchless Car Wash
If you are short on time, but still need to get your car or truck washed, visit our automatic touchless car wash in Fairhaven. You can choose from four packages based upon the work that you want done, the amount of time you have to spend, and the amount of money you want to invest. Our basic wash includes a foam bath, high pressure wash and drying services. The ultra service includes everything in the basic wash, but adds a clear coat wax. The ultimate service adds a special detail to the undercarriage, and the premium package adds a color shine and hub cap scrub.

Car washing equipment has changed much in recent years. Programmed by computers to deliver the right amount of chemical cleaner and water, plus sensors help to make adjustments for different sized vehicles, allowing for a much more thorough clean. If you don’t have time to use a self serve high pressure wash, but want the very best clean available, you can trust our Fairhaven car wash services at All Pro Quick Oil. Speak with one of our technicians about the different options available that can be added, including an interior car cleaning package for complete results.

Self Serve High Pressure Wash
This may sound like a complicated method for washing your car, but if you have ever seen a self serve car washing bay that puts the power of clean literally in the hands of the car owner, then you have seen a self serve high pressure wash. Cleaning wands are used to direct everything from the soap to the rinse, the wax and the color shine, right where you want it on your vehicle. There are many people who prefer this type of car wash to an automatic service, simply because they like being more hands on with cleaning their vehicle.

There are other advantages, like being able to wash large or odd-sized vehicles, such as off-road all-terrain and other recreational vehicles that can’t go into the touchless car wash in Fairhaven. Take control of the cleaning experience for your vehicle with our wide selection of Fairhaven car wash services. Whether you prefer the touchless experience or like the control of using our self serve high pressure wash bays, All Pro Quick Oil has the vehicle cleaning options you need to maintain your car, truck or recreational vehicle.

Tips for Using Self Serve Bays
If you are going to take the plunge and wash your vehicle using our self serve high pressure wash bays, there are some things you need to know in order to get the most out of this car washing experience. You can bring along some extra tools to help you get the best clean, such as a mitt or sponge, bristle wheel cleaner, chamois or terry cloth towel, plus any additional products you want to use. You can purchase top quality cleaning products at All Pro Quick Oil, including Armor All brand items, to assist in detailing the interior of your vehicle.

  • Start with the wheels first, using your own wheel brush and the cleaning wand provided at our car wash facility. Wheels get most of the dirt and grime, so it is important to clear it all off before you start cleaning other areas of your vehicle. A bristle brush will help you remove caked on dirt and mud, as well as remove road salt, gravel, tar and other debris.
  • Give your vehicle a really good “soak” before you start using the soap. The pressure wash wand will help you blast out the dirt and debris from all the cracks and crevices, including the doors, trunk area, bumpers and more.
  • Wash from the top down. Start at the roof of your vehicle and use the soap from our self serve high pressure wash to blast away bird droppings and other spots, washing from the top down to make sure the grime doesn’t make its way back up on your vehicle. Rinse the same way, chasing the soap and debris all the way down your vehicle to the ground.

Visit All Pro Quick Oil for Fairhaven Car Wash Services
Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, there is an option available to help you protect your investment. From exterior and interior car cleaning packages at our automatic touchless car wash in Fairhaven to do-it-yourself cleaning options in our self serve high pressure wash, you can use these opportunities to your advantage. Give us a call at 508-992-3033 or stop by our location on Alden Road in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.